Essential Nail Trainer Practice Hand


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Practice makes perfect and with a Nail Trainer you will get there FAST!!!

The Nail Trainer is a life-like hand on a flexible arm. It has rotation at the wrist, jointed fingers which have the same rotation as human fingers, flesh like finger tips and replaceable practice nails. Nail Trainer is enjoyable to work on - unlike live models; it's always available, never complains, and never gets hurt during a training session. Simply attach the Nail Trainer® to a table with the easy to use clamp, manoeuvre into the client position and practice creating nails again and again.

You can practice with Acrylic, Gel, Nail Art Paints, Polish, Gel Polish on Nail Trainer -

The replaceable practice nails can be clicked down to three levels, to make it easier when you are a beginner, then more challenging as your skills grow.

Included in the box is 100 x replacement practice tips. 

Nail Trainer is built to last – It's the only practice hand you will ever need!!!

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